VBTMN76 Series


  • Water cooled water lubricated Electric Motor as prime mover
  • High wear resistant LTB-4 Bushes inside the Motor ensures longer life
  • Dynamically balanced Rotor – vibration free longer life and better Efficiency
  • SS-410 Motor Shaft & dynamically balanced Cu Brazed Rotor
  • Specially designed Thrust Bearing for lower power consumption
  • Low Maintenance cost & Noise free Operation
  • High quality Electrical grade Stamping used as Motor Core
  • SS-202 Motor Body for better cooling and protection
  • Tilting type Stainless Steel Thrust Bearing with Carbon Pad
  • Energy efficient – saves power and electric bills
  • Higher Operating Efficiency


Max. Liquid Temperature Version Speed Voltage Range Type of Duty
35°C Three Phase, 50 Hz 2880 RPM 250 – 440 V, 200 – 400 V, 150 – 300 V S1 (Continuous)

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VBTMN76 Series

Power Range: 2.2 kW – 5.5 kW ( 3.0 HP – 7.5 HP)

Max. Head: 90 m (295 feet)

Max. Flow Rate: 1750 LPM (105 m3/h)

Applications: Irrigation of farms, Agriculture use, Use at construction sites, Water supply to high rise buildings


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