SRCN Series

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  • Water cooled water lubricated Electric Motor as prime mover
  • Stainless Steel Motor Body to prevent rust formation
  • Diffusers and Housings made from high grade Cast Iron
  • High quality Carbon impregnated polymer Thrust Pad with Cast Iron base for longer life
  • Copper Winding Wire with high quality three layer insulation wrapping
  • Specially designed Pressure Diaphragm to compensate excess pressure generated inside the motor
  • Specially designed fixed type SS Thrust Bearing
  • Special grade LTB-4 Bushes used inside the Motor for high wear-resistance and longer life


Max. Liquid Temperature Version Speed Voltage Range Type of Duty
35°C Three Phase, 50 Hz 2880 RPM 200 V – 400 V S1 (Continuous)

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SRCN Series

Power Range: 2.2 kW – 15.0 kW ( 3.0 HP – 20.0 HP)

Max. Head: 298 m (977 feet)

Max. Flow Rate: 480 LPM (28.8 m3/h)

Applications: Irrigation of farms, Agriculture use, Use at construction sites, Water supply to high rise buildings

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  1. Sheetal

    One of the best performing product

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